I believe it is Friday in Vienna, Austria.

When I near the end of a fortnight full of vacation, I tend to lose track of time.

I only feel confident it is Friday because many of the fine people we have been bike riding with the past week were heading for the airport to go home this morning. They did not extend their vacations to include the weekend in Vienna.

I think this is an awesome city with tons of stuff to see and do. Right now we we getting a late lunch at Frank's American Restaurant. I know, right? We come all this way to Europe only to eat American food. Truth be told, we have been eating local most of this trip. Frank's was convenient, and more importantly open. In Vienna, for whatever reason, the economic law of supply and demand has dictated that the punctual and particular Viennese must eat lunch between 11 am and 2pm, and dinner between 6 pm and midnight. Everything goes into a kind of siesta between 2 and 6 pm.

But not Frank's. They buck the trend, American style. Well, my veggie pizza has arrived, so ciao for now!

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