I am Not a Cultureless Pedant

Tonight we saw some 4 piece classical chamber music in a tiny room with maybe 35 audience members in total. It was a room where Mozart often performed. There were two violins (lead and second chair), viola, and cello. They raged.

They played music by Mozart, Dvorak, and Hayden. The lead violin chick could really get around the instrument. It was superb.

This music would have been the "pop" music of the 1600s, so this explains why I could get behind it, but not the more modern Strauss opera from the other night, which kind of drained me.

I guess I am not a cultureless pedant. I just favor pop culture over the avant gard. On the other hand, I despise today's pop music because you don't actually have to be good to compose or perform it. In the old days, there was no pitch correction and rhythm doctor. You either played it right, or you sucked.

At a museum of ancient musical instruments today in Vienna, we did see one of the first forms of "recorded" music. It was like a music box drum on which the song notes could be stored and then played back by turning the drum, which would trigger little glockenspiel like hammers.

I wish I could remember the name of this primitive grinder organ. A pic is attached. We also saw a hurdy gurdy. Yes.

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