Jeff Lynne and Electric Light

Happy Halloween. Today is kind of a blow off day at work, because wearing costumes is as good an excuse as any for the company to effectively shut down. I mean, who is going to take you seriously on a day like this? I don’t take most of my crackerjack coworkers seriously any day, but this day especially.

Tonight, my country band, DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS, is performing a rock band themed Halloween show at the Mason Lounge in Madison WI. We are covering almost the entire Traveling Wilburys repertoire, in addition to some other stuff. I need to go home at some point this afternoon, probably about 2 PM (picking up my CSA box en route), to let my dogs out so I can stay late in Madison tonight for the rocking. When I go home, I will probably run the songs one more time for a couple hours, for two reasons. One is that I want to be super solid on the material so the performance will be maximally awesome. I really like to feel like the material is second nature to me, so I can focus on stage presence and having fun. The second reason is to set an example for my band mates, who hopefully are also feeling solid on the material, and if they are not, then to shame them with my excellence. I tell you there is no substitute for being solid on the musical material. It just makes life so much easier. The long hours of practice and muscle memory make for hard work, but the payoff is ridiculously awesome. The songs are forever stored in my brain and body, and I can pull them out at any later date. The exercise also improves my overall music skill and my mental faculties, hopefully preventing or delaying any mental declines in old age. Or at least if I do go senile, I will still be able to communicate by laying down bass grooves like nobody’s business. I will be the life of the old folks home party.

In a few minutes, there is a Halloween banquet at work, with a costume contest. I do not think I will enter the contest, but my costume is clever. It is basically a suit covered with “frivolous laws,” written on strips of paper. It’s a Frivolous Law Suit.

My costume for tonight is the Traveling Wilburys character Jeff “Clayton” Lynne. He was formerly of ELO. This is the most esoteric costume ever, in my opinion. I get to wear an Afro wig, which is superb, because the hair will not go in my eyes, nose, or mouth. One thing I always hated about wearing wigs on stage during shows is that the fake hair gets in my mouth when I am trying to sing. But not anymore, baby. Afro wig floats far above the treeline.

See ya.

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