Last Day in Prague, Czech Republic

Today is our final day in Prague, CR. I am ready to move on. The city has a million attractions but the vibe is pretty much the same urban insanity everywhere. Also, I am itching to get on my bike and ride. We have mostly been walking and tramming in Prague. We are on an extended trip, the bike portion of which is bookkended by sightseeing in Prague at the beginning and Vienna at the end. I am all about the biking, but this trip is mainly for the benefit of my folks and they enjoy the pedestrian sight seeing.

Today we will mill about the Jewish Quarter in Prague. I am geeked for that. I am, at heart, one of God's chosen people and I like many things Judaic in nature. Tonight we will attend the Prague Opera, probably woefully underdressed. Last night we went to the Prague Philharmonic, and while the music was good, the theater was filled with unsavory low lifes from high society, dressed in suits and looking down on everyone. I had the unfortunate displeasure of sitting next to an old sea hag who berated me when I took my shoe off, because my left foot hurt from walking all day. She said, "It isn't done." Well, maybe it WASN'T done, but I just did it, beeotch!

After that incident, I looked around the concert hall to see what WAS done. Apparently miniskirts that barely hide a woman's vanity and bold tattoos are DONE. But taking off a shoe is an unforgiveable crime. At least I didn't throw it.

I think a concert should be enjoyed however a person wants to enjoy it, and if I want to enjoy it without constricting shoes on, so be it.

Like I said, unsavory characters.

The rocking medieval music performers we saw over by the astronomical clock were superior in every way to the orchestral show. Not snooty, very common folk oriented, and they did not give a shit about your footwear.

Check them out...


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