Love is Like a Well Formed Stool

Note: This post is not strictly related to my European bike trip travelog.

I have a simplistic but functional theory of romantic relationships. It applies to non-romantic relationships too, which I suppose makes it a stronger theory, but I will use romantic relationships for illustrative purposes.

I call it my "Well Formed Stool" theory. A stool is well formed when it has at least three stalwart legs so that you can confidently sit upon it without worry of collapse. Relationships require three necessary but not sufficient legs to stand firm: love, respect, and trust.

Weaken or get rid of any leg and the relationship cannot stand. Love is pretty obviously essential. There also has to be mutual respect or the relationship becomes dysfunctional or codependent. A relationship without trust is weakened by insecurity.

Think about it. You need all three legs for your relationship to become a well formed stool.

It is also very hard to fix a broken leg of the stool. Best to just throw it away and find a new stool.

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