Strong Sauce

I am on the bus again, going home from work. I spent some time on book writing, but it is Tuesday, the most demoralizing day of the week for my team because it is the day we have a morning meeting with an incompetent douchenugget of a middle manager who makes us realize how little our skills and expertise are valued. We are basically no more than glorified administrative assistants to him. As such, most of my writing was focused on how to find a new job and my prospects for doing so soon. It was valuable information, about staying positive and strategies for improving one's chances in the job market (I can speak from recent experience), but it was not very funny, entertaining, or uplifting because I am feeling down. Sometimes it is going to be that way. I probably won't use that material for the book, but going through the mechanics of it was important. It is kind of a zen discipline thing to do some book writing every day to work toward the goal of completing it by the end of the year. I fully expect that only 10% of my hand written material will actually make it into the book. That is why I have to write a lot. Happiness (or alternatively success) is equal to reality minus expectation. If I maintain a modest expectation that only 10% of my written material will be book viable, which I think is reasonable, then 20% viable material will seem like extraordinary success (thus making me happy). It will basically be double what I was expecting.

Here is the thing. We only have this one life to live and it is important to be happy and doing things you love (or at least like) around people you respect and appreciate. That means you have an obligation to yourself - indeed a civil right (pursuit of happiness) - to disenfranchise any and all weak sauce in your life, be it people or things or circumstances. That is really all. Remove the weak sauce and what do you have left?

STRONG SAUCE, that's what.

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