Taking It Easy

I am checking out from work incrementally this week, as I ramp up for my European bike trip next week. It's Tuesday, so I am somewhere around 30% checked out, given that I am a little over half way through the workday. By the end of the day today, I will be 40% checked out. By the end of the day Thursday, I will be 80% checked out, which will correlate well with the extracurricular social "team building" we have planned for 3 pm. Tomorrow I have an annual review at work for which I will be 50% checked in and zero % prepared. There is really nothing to prepare. The weak sauce middle manager will go over the corporate goals that have only residual correlation to my actual work, falsely praise me and my team, give me a raise and BOOM. Done. Everyone is getting a raise, even me, the guy they are paying a ridiculous salary to do what I like to do. At least they had better give me a raise. Otherwise I will be out the door even faster than I am planning to be now.

This weekend, it is up to Oshkosh for the Indie Horror Film Fest, and where I will leave Foster with Todd and Sherry for 2 weeks. They are dog sitting. Buddy, though, will just go to the kennel as usual.

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