THE MAN is Dismissed

In about 33 minutes from the moment I write this, I am going to be kicking off over a solid fortnight of non-stop enjoyment.

THE MAN will be summarily dismissed about noon today and will not intrude upon my awesome life again until my fun is done.

This afternoon I will be doing some final travel preparations, before I head up to Oshkosh tonight for the unofficial kickoff of the Indie Horror Film Fest. Night of the Living Dead will be shown at the Time Community Theater, where tomorrow, the Indie Horror Film Fest officially kicks off at 11 AM and goes until Sunday afternoon. I will be able to attend almost all of it this year, with the exception of the final feature film on Sunday. It’s going to be a bloodbath. Lots of short films and feature length movies, all filmed in the Midwest. I will also get to hang about with my good pals Todd and Sherry, who will be so kindly dog sitting my dog Foster, or “Baby Fost” as I have started calling him. He is such a rascal and I will miss him on my travels.

Sunday afternoon, I bid farewell to Todd, Sherry, and Foster, then head back to Cambridge with my dog Buddy, who will be staying at the kennel during my trip. Buddy is quite alright staying at the kennel. He is a lab mix, who doesn’t really give a shite about anything. I think Foster is too sensitive to stay in the sterile environment of the kennel. He is very sociable, unlike Buddy, and needs human and other dog contact. Todd and Sherry have two Boston terriers of their own (same breed as Foster) and they all seem to get along well.

Sunday night, I do my final packing for my trip to Europe. On Monday morning, my buddy MG is taking me to the airport and then I am off to ride my bike through the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria for a good 10 days or more. I will be journaling and photographing the experience and it is bound to be awesome. It’s a fully supported bike ride, so we will have bike tour guides that can lead us and also help us with the language and culture. You can subscribe to this blog there in the upper right and follow along with e-mail notifications any time I post. In theory, eastern Europe has decent Wi-Fi and I should be able to upload at night from the hotels and host family homes we stay at. But being courteous to the hosts will be primary, and if Wi-Fi costs money, forget it, I am not going to subscribe to that noise. Wi-Fi should always be free to the public, in my opinion. That is not where the money is. The money from the Internet is in advertising and online sales. If you deter online customers by simply making them pay to even access the Internet, then you are reducing your potential customer base, and that’s weak sauce. But I digress.

I bought a new suitcase for this trip and I need to make sure it fits all my stuff. I think it will. I am trying to travel as light as possible, but I don’t know what access we will have to laundry services in Europe and I don’t want to have to wear dirty bike shorts if it can be avoided. Same goes for underwear.

OK, well, I have done all I can to alert you to my big European vacation. If you want to live vicariously through me, SUBSCRIBE. If not, don’t.

But in any case, have a fabulous two weeks! I know I will.

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