Zombie Biker

This morning, the 10 of us rode our bikes into some tiny town to gather some supplies. #10 had noisemaker duty and scared up (pun intended?) the horde for us. As the zombies spilled into the road from the shops and houses, we descended on them atop our bikes and smashed heads. The slow zombies are no match for a fast bike, as long as you know what you are doing and pick them off one by one. You have to avoid groups.

We cleared out most of the free undead expediently and then took to our feet to dispatch the few that remained trapped in cars and buildings.

Then #9 made a grievous and dumb mistake. A zombie we must have missed was ambling up the main street toward us. #9 got back on his bike to go take it out. I don't know if he was showing off or what, but as he drew close to the zombie, he popped a wheelie to knock the zombie down with the fat front wheel of his mountain bike.

The wheel went right through the rotting sternum of the zombie and got stuck firmly in the ribcage, so the zombie pulled the bike down with it as it fell, and #9 did a pretty bad faceplant. He scrambled to his feet pretty quick, but not before the zombie bit his leg. The fall hadn't destroyed the zombie's head. I think #9's plan had been to knock the zombie down then crush its skull with the weight of the bike. He killed the zombie right away, but the damage is done. He is for sure infected. He might have 2 or 3 days before the infection kills him and he turns.

It is really hard on everyone. #2 wanted to kill #9 right away and save us time and grief. #1 over ruled him and the rest of us were relieved. He is still a person until he dies, although he will be contagious before that, which I think was #2's pragmatic take on things.

#8 is #9's woman and she is a wreck. She wants to spend as much time as possible with #9 before he is gone. #1 proposed that #8 and #9 leave the group and go spend #9's last hours together somewhere else. Then #8 could do the dirty job of dispatching with #9 when he finally died, but before he turned. I am not sure she will have the guts.

But there is no other good option and #8 knows this. #9 can't stay here. He already seems to be dead, accepting of his fate. He just sits and stares blankly, the light that once shone in those eyes replaced with darkness and doom. It's a darkness we can all relate to. It could have been any of us, life cut short because of one dumb stunt.

For all I know, #9 was probably trying to impress #8, and bring a little entertainment to her and the group. Tragic.

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