A Sunday Night Post

I had band practice tonight. It went OK I guess. But it wasn't awesome. I wanted it to be awesome. I am just a perfectionist that way. The main issue I have with this startup band is that the guitar player's favorite songs are the ones I like the least. I should probably admit that is a fundamental philosophical difference and can the project. But I want to give it a fair amount of time. I have decided to try to give it until the end of the year. Then I will assess how things look. But this band really needs some better songs. I understand these songs are good crowd pleasers, because most people who go to see live bands are musically illiterate. I am not though, and so I am not sure how long I can stomach this generic pop drivel. In addition, the band overall is not very tight or awesome. I think it could be, but my constructive critiques on how to fix and improve things always seem to fall on deaf ears. I want relatively biff free performances of the songs and we seem to be far from that right now. I guess beggars can't be choosers. Besides the country band, which is pretty awesome, I don't really have any rocknroll cover band projects. Still, I have this gnawing feeling that I could do better, and generally when I go with my gut, it ends up being the right choice. So I will keep you apprised, dear readers.

As for everything else, I got some decent piano practice in this weekend. Not looking forward to sticking it to The Man this week. But I totally will. I have to stand up to the school yard bully and disenfranchise the weak sauce.

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