I am at Tuesday jazz night at the Mason Lounge in Madison WI. This would not be unusual since I am the regular house bass player for this event, but it is unusual because this week, due to a technicality, I am not playing bass. I am spectating. You see, I was potentially supposed to have a country band gig tonight, a few weeks ago when I cleared the night of jazz because of that potentiality. But that gig fell through, and since band leader Charlie had already found a bass sub, I told him to let the other guy play. No longer needed in Milwaukee for the country band opener for some up and coming country star, I decided to come to Mason as a spectator. It is nice to be an audience member for a change and hear what they hear. When I am playing bass, it is a different kind of listening, and I also have to think harder because I am playing and trying to keep my bass part on the rails. Now I can listen holistically and drink finer craft beers and not think at all, just enjoy. It is kind of like going on a road trip where I am not the driver. I can zone out and look out the window or read a book (or write a blog post). So there you go.

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