I sometimes get mocked for my strange and odd ways. For example, when I rode my bike across Iowa on RAGBRAI in 2012, I carried my money, credit cards, and cell phone in a small plastic ziploc baggie. Everyone would look at me weird and sometimes even make a comment like, "Nice wallet."

So, one night a group of us bikers were at a beer garden doing hard boiled egg tequila shots, and doing selfies of it on our smart phones. It was in this wide open parking lot with very little shelter. There wasn't a lot of warning between the light patter of rain drops and the torrential downpour of an unexpected cloudburst. Our minds clouded with albumin and cactus juice, we had not taken much heed of the distant heat lightning that preambled the cold front barreling across the dark prairie toward us like a silent midnight freight train.

As the windblown sheets of water raced across the asphalt of the parking lot, my comrades began to shove their smart phones into pockets and backpacks in a futile attempt to protect them from the aggressing rain.

"Put them in here," I said, holding aloft my plastic ziploc baggie, into which I had already placed my phone. I took out my money and cards to accommodate their electronics. As each of them placed their devices into the water resistant safety of the baggie I saw looks of both relief and understanding. I did not care if my money got wet. The baggie was mainly for protecting the phone from freak aquatic phenomena I knew I might encounter while riding my bike across the plains. I just threw my money in there to keep it all in one place.

It was, effectively, my wallet. But functionally it was also a raincoat for my phone.

Those people never enquired or commented on my baggie wallet again, except perhaps to praise my good thinking.

It just takes one geek with a baggie for a wallet to save the day. That is the moral of this story.

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