I am sitting in the lunch room at work with two of my favorite peeps, who also happen to be the two other members on my team at work.
Neptune is doing a dietary detox this week, so she is struggling with chopping up carrots and celery using one of the dull stainless steel lunch room butter knives.
St. Louis just ate a ham and cheese with bacon sandwich that was leftover from our lunch at Free House in Middleton WI last Friday. She says it was still pretty good after three days.
I also had leftovers, re-heating half a spanikopita from my early dinner at Sammy's place in Fort Atkinson WI yesterday, with my buddy Branden. They have the best Greek food there, though it is a little greasy. But it is healthy Mediterranean olive oil grease, I assume, so I do not feel too bad about it.
Tonight, I have my piano lesson and I am gloriously ill prepared. I am going to have my teacher help me work on fingering for the new song, "Blues for Alice," that is on my list to learn. Even though I am behind, because I have been focused on learning new repertoire on bass for the country band, DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS, I want to keep adding new jazz standards to my piano repertoire and force myself to forge ahead.
Now that DWTD's awesome gig up north in Minocqua is behind me, I have a lot more time for piano. We had an aggressive song learning agenda for our Halloween tribute to the Traveling Wilburys, and I was in Europe for a couple of weeks, which briefly put me behind the learning curve on those songs, so I had to struggle to catch up. We don't have any shows on the books for a while, so the country music practice pace should throttle way down for the time being.
I think the focus of that band now should be on tightening up our backstrokin' and focusing on tasteful nuances and vocal harmonies on the songs. That will set us apart from the mainstream.


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I was wondering what you were typing away about. :)

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