Morning Brain

I feel like I do my most creative work in the morning, especially writing. This pertains to my theory of the "stress cup."

After a decent night of restful sleep, the brain is rejuvenated. In the course of a day, even when you are not working for THE MAN, your brain is gradually stressed, little by little, by all the stimuli (including distressing mainstream media) and all the things you have to do, good or bad. It is like a cup, and it slowly fills up. And when it is full, you can't add anything more to it, good stress or bad stress.

Even though writing is fun for me, it is still effort and causes eustress (good stress). A full stress cup cannot take on any more good or bad stress. That is why you might get grumpier about bad stress at the end of the day and why it is harder to motivate to do eustressful things (like exercise) then.

There are two things that help empty the stress cup. Rest and exercise.

A good night's sleep basically just empties the stress cup so that you can start filling it again the next day. Regular exercise actually increases the size of the stress cup so it is capable of handling more stress. I like to do my exercise in the morning as well, because it is much easier to motivate then and gives me a bigger stress cup for the rest of the day.

That's the theory anyway.

In the morning, my stress cup is pretty empty and that's why I am able to do better creative work, like writing. In the morning, I don't have an overflowing stress cup that is spilling all over the floor and distracting me from my creative endeavors.

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