Road Gig

I am on the road again. This time I am heading up to Minocqua WI to rock a Halloween shindig at the Minocqua Brewing Company, a classy little brewpub that DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS has played before, although only once with me at the helm of bass guitar. It is going to be an unleashed party, even though I wish the band had had more time to rehearse. That is partly my fault because I was in Europe for a goodly chunk of the available time window for rehearsals. But still and all, when I got back from my fortnight in Bavaria, I kicked up the rock engine to full throttle and got caught up in record time. I then proceeded to exceed the rest of the band in song learning awesomeness, such that by the time of our dress rehearsal for this Minocqua show (at Mason Lounge in Madison WI on Halloween night), I was wanting for the band to be a bit more polished. But I am just being picky now, because honestly the DWTDs are about the best and most professional live band I have ever had the pleasure to rock with. They play alt country and americana. I am normally not a huge country fan, but these guys play it so well and do enough country rock and americana stuff that I enjoy it a lot. The bass parts aren't too challenging, for the most part, but there is a lot of room for improvisation and the vocal harmonies are sometimes very challenging, so I become musically better in a holistic way, not just a bass playing way. I also have to use my ears and listen a lot for changes. The songs are dynamically and rhythmically variable, so I have to pay attention and can't zone out. I like this, but it seems to challenge my bandmates, especially if they have been "pulling tubes in the van." Just kidding. They don't have a van (that I know of).

I am carpooling up to Minocqua with my drummer buddy Jon, who also is working with me to put together some other music projects. He is amazingly talented and I am glad we met. I want to create as many opportunities to rock with him as possible. We have a pop cover band we are trying to throw together with this guy Phil, but that band is slow going and seems to lack momentum and direction. If it doesn't pick up the pace pretty soon, we may have to can it to devote our full mental faculties to more awesome projects.

Like Derek Sivers said, whenever you have a choice to do something, there is no YES. There is only HELL YES or NO. If something doesn't make you say HELL YES, say NO.

Anyway, whatever happens in Minocqua stays in Minocqua, I suppose, unless it super cool and I need to write about it here on my blog. Stay tuned. I think it is going to be a groovelicious show and kickin' party.

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