That Rocked

I am so tired right now, I can barely find the energy to write this post. It is a good kind of tired. It is the fully satisfied kind of tired when you have rocked with all your might and got the job done and now it is time to sleep.

The band I play bass for, the DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS, always seems to pull itself into perfect rocking form at the last minute whenever we rock the Minocqua Brewing Company up north. And we did rock it. Everything just flowed. Even the biffs were minor and we shrugged them off and had fun. It was touch and go there for a while getting ready for this big shindig. I was a fortnight in central Europe and even though the band practiced in my absence, I wasn't able to do any bass work while I was riding my bike around over there.

When I got back from overseas, I immediately started cramming the new material and practiced it hard whenever I had an hour or so to spare. Our special presentation at this show was a simulated Traveling Wilbury's tribute. We learned a good 80% or more of their available repertoire. It was very challenging, more so than you would think just listening to their songs. There are lots of nuances and things. Anyway, I got caught up in time for our dress rehearsal show at Mason Lounge on Halloween night last Thursday 10/31. We still had a few rough spots that night but the dress rehearsal helped us see where those were so we could tighten up our backstrokin' before the road gig up north.

It worked.

Also, the core group of the band, sans a couple of soloists, played a wedding on Friday night, where we got to hone the songs a little more, even though we only did a couple of the new Wilburys tunes. This was good, because we had actually been spending so much time on the new material that we had never really refreshed on our existing repertoire of songs, so the wedding was kind of like a "live practice" in that sense and we played some originals and other covers. The wedding also illustrated to me how addictive bland commercial hip hop and pop music can be. At our set break, they started playing pop dance music through the PA and the dance floor was packed with people. When we played, some people danced, but since our music was a bit more esoteric and unfamiliar, the robots didn't know what to do. They fear change and that frightens me. But we still had a blast.

I road tripped up to Minocqua WI with drummer Jon in the afternoon on Saturday. It's a long, boring drive, but well worth it. We have a great time and a great show every time we play there (which is only twice in the case of me and Jon, but the DWTDs have been up there a few times before we joined). This show was no different. I had only been in the bar about 20 minutes when things started getting interesting, so I knew it was going to unfold awesomely, and it did. However, I cannot discuss much about it, because what happens in Minocqua stays in Minocqua.

Suffice to say, though, that our Traveling Wilburys tribute set went remarkably well. We called ourselves the Driveling Thriftberries in order to fuse the band names together and confuse the audience. I am not sure how many people in the audience are even familiar with the Traveling Wilburys full repertoire. They mostly probably only know the few songs played on the radio. But no matter, we still had lots of peeps out dancing and made a lot of new friends. We saw a lot of old friends too, people who heard the band play there before and wanted to come back for more.

Well, I am a big fat sleepy head, so talk to you later, my dear readers.

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