I find that I have the clearest head after decent exercise. This morning I took a power walk around my sister's hilly neighborhood in Manitou Springs, CO. The thinner air seems to make the workout feel more intensive, since I have to breathe harder.

I am taking a free online class at COURSERA on the History of Rock-n-Roll. It's interesting. One of my new year's resolutions is to become a bit more educated about history. History is a pretty broad subject area, so I plan to focus on certain subsets of history and how historical events factored into the development of things like rock-n-roll. Contextualizing history will compel my learning, because it will relate to things I am interested in. I am very interested in rock-n-roll, since that is my passion in life and how I identify myself as a human being.

KNOW YOUR HISTORY. In any field you need to know your history.

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