A Handful of Shorter Posts

Today I carpooled to work with a coworker who likes to come in butt early. It is a little too early to ethically do any meaningful work. So I thought I would kick out a brief post.

I thought about maybe doing some shorter posts and returning to the days when I would write for no longer than 10 minutes and see what came out of my mind.

I am not going to force that limitation. But if I can crank out a few of these shorties, maybe you, my dear reader, will find it better jibes with your busy schedule. You can pick and choose what topics and themes pique your interest and have less to get through on any given post.

This post is about the weekend. My country band put on two great shows up in Minocqua WI on Saturday, January 11, 2014, two days after they hosted my birthday show at Mr. Roberts Pub in Madison WI. The Madison show was sort of a low stress dress rehearsal for the more prestigious shows up north.

The first show on Saturday was supposed to be just background music for ICE COLD BEER FEST, a craft brew beer tasting event, but we rocked so hard that we totally got people paying attention and dancing.

Furthermore, a lot of these people came to the second show that night, when we played the Minocqua Brewing Company.

There is a lot more of a tale to tell about the weekend, but my 10 minutes has expired, so stay tuned.

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