A Paradigm Shift

I have begun "shifting some paradigm," which started when I began my new job in earnest after the new year. It basically involves moving some priorities around slightly. I wanted to make my weeknights more stress free, particularly Tuesday nights.

I've found some good car pool options with my new job and it pushes me to start the day earlier and get home from work with more time in the evenings to relax.

I have backed off from Tuesday Jazz Night because it was starting to take away my freedom. Monday nights were becoming stressful because I had to learn the new material for the Tuesday gig and Wednesdays were more stressful because I was tired from being up so late on Tuesday night.

It's Monday night right now. I am not stressing. At least not about my freedom. I am stressed at work because of a million things coming due in the next week. One of them is a huge document, with tons of time consuming images I have to edit and insert. It's supposed to be done by Friday, but there is no conceivable way, even if it was all I worked on this week. But I also have to write several articles for the company newsletter.

I'm not stressing about it though, I am working as hard as I can, and the 4 Agreements say to always do your best. It's all you can do.

So I am really not stressing too much about that.

I feel great. I hate the cold weather, but it's not really stressful, just annoying. I don't go out in it, but my poor car doesn't like it, so when my car is parked outside, I have to inconveniently go start it every couple of hours to make sure it doesn't die on me. Tomorrow will be the worst, at -25 degrees F without wind chills, in the morning. It's not supposed to get above 0 the whole day. Poo on that!

Well, I am going to write this post, then turn my attention to some jazz piano practice, before working out and going to bed.

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