How to Meditate Properly

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post on the topic of Zen Buddhism and Meditation. The jist of it was that I am pretty ignorant about Buddhism and I do not know how to meditate properly.

Here is a book on the subject. I tried to do some meditation earlier today, and I failed utterly. I could not keep my mind focused on my breathing for more than a few seconds before it wandered off in pursuit of random thoughts. I clearly have some work to do, if I am going to succeed with my New Year's Resolution to be a little more zen minded about life.

Today, I practiced some music. Most of my focus was on bass guitar and vocals for band practice with GUPPY EFFECT v3.0 tomorrow. We have some good songs picked out. This is what we are working on so far.

I like that SPOTIFY allows you to embed a song player in a blog post. There are some original songs on our playlist that are not, strictly speaking, available on SPOTIFY. So they won't appear or play for you. All you will see there are some covers we are working on.

I try to be a good band leader. I want my musicians to be happy. As I was listening to the songs today and practicing them, I realized that a couple of them might require key changes. I alerted the band to this, but I felt bad because I threw the key changes at them at the last minute. I just didn't have the time this past week to review the songs. I usually give myself ample time to learn songs before a practice, but I was really pushing it this week. I learned them, but I wasn't able to communicate my findings to the band until today. If they had been working on the songs way in advance and learning them a certain way, then I threw a spanner in their works.

I have some inspirado for creative writing tonight, so I am going to go do that. See ya.

P.S. The reference to my Zen Buddhism blog post above was blatant backlinking. I have been using Market Samurai a little bit. I had not used it in a while. I dig that program.

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