Search Engines Hate This Blog?

Why do search engines hate this blog, you ask?

Because this blog has quite a bit of relevant content, but it is invisible to most search engines. That would infuriate them, if they were human. But they are not.

You see, search engines base search keyword relevance on a lot of factors my blog lacks.

Search engines like URLs that have the keyword in them. Unless someone is searching for Joe's Coffee (which they do, sometimes...it's a brand...but not one I ever blog about so the search engines ignore my blog for coffee keyword searches generally, because I have little relevant content or back links on the subject).

My blog also lacks strong back links. If you don't know what a back link is, don't worry about it. Just know that search engines like them and my blog doesn't have many of them. Sometimes I spend some time making relevant back links, but never enough to compete with sites that have hundreds or thousands of back links on any given subject. Lately, I have been trying to build back links within this blog on the topic of Lemmy Kilmister and Motorhead. That was a back link.

Search engines like to see the keyword in the blog title as well. I sometimes put good keywords in the actual title of my blog post, but I don't think this translates to actual title meta tags in the HTML of the blog, which is what the search engine really wants to see. The keyword appears in the later part of the URL, but again, not in a way that is strong.

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