Unstoppable Lemmy/Motorhead

Motorhead has another album out.

It is called "Aftershock" (2013) and it is incredible. It rocks harder than anything on the Motorhead discography, in my opinion. Every song is just a locomotive of rock-n-roll excellence. Great production. Great compositions. Classic Lemmy sound and vocals.

I love that Lemmy and Motorhead just keep on cranking out songs and albums, not slowing down at all, maybe even speeding up, with no decrease in ferocity.

I am in awe. I am definitely going to see Motorhead the next time they come around.

Read Rolling Stone's piece on Lemmy Kilmister here.

"Aftershock" in on SPOTIFY. So have a listen to some of the tunes, for free, and tell me if it does not rock harder than anything has rocked before.

I don't think Lemmy is a Buddhist.

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