Weekend Indulgences

Dear Readers,

How are you? Drop me a line...I would like to know what's going on in your life.

I am working from 2 to 10 PM today...on my art. Weekends are far too short, it seems like. I decided I want to put in at least a solid eight hour day on my creative endeavors, both today and tomorrow. Writing blog posts is one of those endeavors, because doing so hones the skill of writing, which I can then apply to my book writing. I am also going to apply some zen discipline to this creative work by not wasting my time on the social media. My only Web activity will be research for my writing topics.

Speaking of which, just a quick run down of recent posts you might be interested in.

Motorhead's new album, "Aftershock," rocks incredibly hard, not withstanding Lemmy's recent minor health problems. It's actually kind of impressive that he hasn't had serious health problems before now, given the hard partying life he has led. He must have long telomeres.

I also mentioned that my country band, DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS, plays a few songs off the Big Lebowski musical soundtrack, which pleases me. I hope you get a chance to see us play live sometime soon.

I also reflected on Zen Buddhism a little bit, when I wrote a post called, "How to Meditate Properly." The title of that post was shamelessly SEO driven. I had entered the keyword phrase ZEN BUDDHISM into my SEO app called Market Samurai, to see what happened, and "how to meditate properly" was a keyword phrase the software threw back at me as being a pretty decent search term. "How to become a buddhist" was also a decent term, so I wrote a post with that title too.

Search engines weight keywords in titles and URLs a bit heavier than in the body text of a blog or web page. I am not sure to what extent Blogger tags a blog title keyword as an actual title metatag for the search engines. The URL for a given post usually contains the title word(s), though not in the domain name, obviously, only in the later part of the URL after the slashes. I am not sure if that matters to search engines as long as the keyword is in some part of the URL. If you have any SEO knowledge or skills, give me the skinny on that.

The other thing that search engines look for is strong backlinks to keyword containing web pages. The hyperlinks above are called keyword anchored backlinks, because they not only contain the keyword, but also link back to the posts that have the keyword somewhere in the title and/or body of the post. I don't know how well my backlinks will work, but they are definitely customized to the keyword, which search engines kind of dig. On the other hand, a lot of factors go into the algorithm that search engines use for determining if a web page or blog post is keyword relevant.

Boring stuff, eh?

After I finish here in a few seconds, I am going to go play some jazz piano, which I have not done in weeks. I hope that I retain some muscle memory for it. I am picking my lessons back up this Wednesday, so I need to basically cram. I think I might want to focus for a while on actually technique and reading music, rather than jazz improvisation, which seems way beyond my grasp right now. Now that I have backed off from Tuesday night jazz, I have more weeknight time for jazz piano and other things. The problem with the late Tuesday night is that it killed my Tuesday night for other things. But it also usually killed my Monday night, because I had to practice the jazz songs to get ready for the gig. It also killed my Wednesday night, because I would be tired all day on Wednesday and just want to rest up on Wednesday nights.

Well, stay tuned good people of Earth. I will probably post again tomorrow, if not before.

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Hey there. Keep writing... :)