AC/DC and Steel Panther - The Sex Rock Genre

In my continuing journey through my "hard" music collection (CDs and vinyl, as opposed to SPOTIFY), I threw on some AC/DC when I woke up this morning.

"Back in Black" is such a clever album. AC/DC were writing hilariously metaphorical (and sometimes literal) songs about meaningless sex long before Steel Panther distilled the art form even further. You might say AC/DC were not so much the Fathers of the Sex Rock genre as the Who's Your Daddy? of it (Disclaimer: I don't know if sex rock is an actual genre, but it should be...).

Steel Panther is definitely a novelty, and the music is remarkably well written for the subject matter it targets. But AC/DC does this kind of music a lot more tastefully and simply, in my opinion. AC/DC's music might be more raw and less refined/produced compared with Steel Panther, but the latter's music just isn't as classy. Compare the album cover thumbnails in this post. Steel Panther's is humorous and over the top, but AC/DC just give you a plain black no nonsense cover. AC/DC have it where it counts, on the inside. Steel Panther has to seduce you in with visual erotica.

I don't know...I would much rather hang out with AC/DC than Steel Panther, at least as far as their rockstar alter egos are concerned. I think the members of AC/DC would just be more intelligent and fun. In my mind, the members of Steel Panther would be just drunken sex crazed imbeciles. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I have higher standards. In reality, the "actors" who play the rockstars in both of these bands are probably fine and normal people, nothing like their respective stage presences would suggest. Art is rarely literal. Lord knows my extroverted rock-n-roll alter ego only comes out when I am performing. The mild-mannered introverted writer side of me prefers to chill out in the morning, drink some coffee, and keep largely to myself.

You know how sometimes you get asked the question, "Who is someone alive or dead that you would like to meet?" I can never really think of any particular person. There are tons of people it would be cool to meet, but I don't rate any of them higher than any other. Today, I guess I would answer that question by saying I would like to meet AC/DC.

I'd probably classify Motorhead in the sex rock genre too, although Lemmy's songwriting is more diversified across the spectrum of hard rock topics.

This stream of consciousness has been brought to you by me. Have a good day.

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