Crack Babies Are a Myth

I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio today and the program called "To the Best of Our Knowledge" (TTBOOK) was doing a show about things that are not, strictly speaking, truthful.

I consider the 1980s to be the dawn of fabricated mainstream media (MM) hype, although I am sure it existed before then. It was during the 1980s that the MM latched onto the crack baby meme as a way to demonize primarily African American minorities. To listen to the clips, which I did because TTBOOK played some of them, you would think crack babies were an epidemic, the repercussions of which were going to plague.

Then, those pesky scientists did some...well...SCIENCE.

Turns out crack babies don't exist and never did. Yeah, there were some mothers (of all socioeconomic classes) who did crack during pregnancy and gave birth to some messed up babies. But it turns out those mothers were also drinking, smoking, taking other drugs, and leading pretty rotten lives, as far as their embryonic passengers were concerned.

When the scientists controlled for these other variables, to look at the effects of just crack cocaine on the babies...nothing. Turns out, doing crack is just a proxy for having a sh!tty life. It's a sh!tty life that Fs up your fetus, not crack per se. Alcohol and tobacco are remarkably more destructive to the prenatal physiology and development, and their use during pregnancy is far more prevalent as well. 30 seconds of rational thought could lead one to conclude this on their own and realize that booze babies probably represent more of a so-called "epidemic."

Not only that, but this crack baby urban myth was debunked pretty much immediately after it started popping up in the MM in the 80s. But the bloodthirsty MM did not want to hear that message, and scientists from that era reported having their words twisted and perverted to convey the wrong message. The MM wanted crack babies, goddammit. And they were going to get crack babies. They, and their wealthy underwriters in advertising and government, needed crack babies, to propagate their other myths about welfare mothers and criminal undocumented workers from Mexico, and scare the bejesus out of the middle class white folk, so that they would go buy comforting new products and vote for heavy handed douchenugget politicians.

Pesky scientists, always causing trouble. Global warming schmobal warming.

The moral of the story is that mainstream media is completely corrupted and conveys the wrong messages. Avoid it and your head will begin to clear, and you will see more of the truth about America.

The ACTION ITEM of this story is to go and support public radio. They are mainstream and often get it wrong, but the difference is they will own up to it. They are like honey badger, just not giving a sh!t what THE MAN wants.

P.S. I also learned recently that a single, for profit company does all the vote counting for every election in America. Even though polling places collect the votes, this one company has the contract to do all the actual vote counting and decision-making, answerable to no one. It's possible you are being lied to.

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