Fulfilling Weekend

It was a solid B+ weekend. It would have been an A-, except that I couldn’t seem to nail a decent guitar melody line for my newest FAWM song, which is in progress and should be done soon. It is looking like it may turn into a jazzy instrumental number. I actually t’rew some piano on it.

On Saturday, my country band, DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS (DWTD), played a youth hockey fundraiser at the Capitol Ice Arena in Middleton WI. I have had one or more bands perform at the event the past two years. The country band worked well. The organizers (awesome Bob and Mary Sutor) really wanted more of a background music type band, lower volume, which the country band supplies. Yet the music was good enough that the handful of people who appreciated it could pay attention and be rewarded too. It was an all around win.

Anyway, Friday night was spent practicing DWTD songs in anticipation of the gig. I also practiced some more on Saturday morning, to make sure I had all the newer material solid. I got a solid hour workout in on Saturday too, energizing me for the show. After the fundraiser gig, I discovered my Prius’ battery was dead, because I had apparently left the hazard lights on. Anyway, we jumped it.

Then I went to my friend Danielle’s house warming party and hung out with and made some friends, notwithstanding a slight altercation with one of her dogs. Its tooth connected forcefully with my nose in what was part greeting and part mild aggression. The dog was a lab, and protective of his owner. It was more of a head butt than a bite, but his canine scraped and bruised the bridge of my nose. It didn’t hurt and just bled a little. Looks worse than it is, and really doesn’t even look that bad. Later I bonded with the dog by making him due tricks in exchange for a peace offering of pizza crust.

On Sunday, I worked on my new FAWM song and practiced a bit of jazz piano. My piano lesson is Friday this week, not Wednesday, because I am going to hear a seminar by theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss on Wednesday, if all goes well. Sunday night I attended an open jam at Funk’s Pub in Fitchburg, hosted by some musical compadres in the jam band, MUDROOM. It was a good time, and if it continues, it might be a replacement for Tuesday jazz night, only better because, A. It’s on a Sunday, not a Tuesday, and B. It is from 8 to 10 PM, so not as late for a school night.

Of course, after I got home from the jam, I stayed up way too late trying to develop a good fusion guitar line for the new FAWM song. So I am tired today. But it is a good kind of tired. The fatigue of too much fun.

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