Is Shirley Temple Still Alive?

I guess I am not the only one who didn't know that Shirley Temple was, until very recently, still alive. The Google search query, "is shirley temple still alive?" is fairly frequently searched, enough so that I titled this blog post about it.
There are probably a couple of reasons for my assumption she had kicked the bucket a long time ago.
The first is that she was a child movie star in the 1930s. Presumably child stars back then faced similar trials and tribs as they do today, in part due to lacking a real childhood. She apparently escaped this dire fate and ended up actually quitting Hollywood at age 21, leaving the spotlight to go be a person, albeit a high society kind of person.
She also married and got a new last name, which probably did not help keep her meme in peoples' minds.
On the other hand, she was pretty involved in politics, so it is a little surprising she didn't stay just above the surface of the collective consciousness. The most interesting fact I learned about Shirley Temple Black is that she was U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia from 1989 to 1992, during one of the most dynamic times in Czechoslovakia's history.

That last fact is what makes me most alarmed that she was not still floating around in the collective consciousness, although it is not really that surprising given the tragically poor job our mainstream media does in covering international politics.

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