Natural Sleep AId Case Study

Tonight will be the third consecutive night that Biff tries the all natural herbal sleep aid I recommended for him. He is kind of like my guinea pig, a one man case study, to see if this stuff actually works.

It's got hops and valerian root in it, as well as passionflower. It's also got GABA in it, which is supposed to be an anxiety reducing neurotransmitter, but that might be a bunk ingredient, because I can't imagine an enzyme or protein would survive very long in the hostile human digestive tract. But who knows? The micronutrients in the herbs are probably a bit more likely to get absorbed more or less intact, but truth be told that is also speculative.

Biff reported that the sleep aid has worked well the last two nights. Three is the charm I suppose. It could totally be a placebo effect, but I don't care, as long as my buddy Biff is catching his ZZZs and feeling well rested in the morning, which he is.

"Aren't you afraid you'll develop a tolerance if you take it every night?" Chet, Biff's evil twin brother, asked. "Maybe you should only take it after a rough day. Otherwise, pretty soon you might find you need two capsules to get the same anti-anxiety effect, then three, and pretty soon it is useless."

"I guess that is part of the experiment," Biff replied. "If it stops working as well after a few consecutive nights of taking it, I will take a break from it and then only use it as needed."

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