New Band Performance Model

The open jam at Funk's was incredible tonight. They are still ironing out some kinks, but as far as GUPPY EFFECT's three song performance was concerned, it was a solid A minus (an A plus if you were an audience member getting firehosed by our rock love, and not paying too close attention to the very minor biffs).

The Sunday evening jam session is a goldmine and I am so glad it has manifested. Much of the backline, including drums, is provided by the pub, so it is plug and play. I just bring my bass and my vocal chords, and that's all. If my band isn't there, I can jump up and play bass with the house band, MUDROOM, on a handful of songs we mutually know (FYI, the house band's drummer and guitarist both did stints in GUPPY EFFECT, so there is some history). But Sunday evening is a pretty available time slot for my band to gather and play at the thing, and that is what we did tonight.

We played:

"Blue Thing From Space" (mine)
"Black Betty" (RAM JAM)
"The One" (Stefan)

I love that we can play originals at this jam.

GUPPY EFFECT has band practice on Tuesday evenings now. So, with the advent of the Funk's open jam, we learn 3 to 5 songs for Tuesday practice, and get them really tight. Then we showcase the best three at the Funk's open jam on Sunday night. This offers us a kind of "live practice" opportunity, because sometimes a song is great in the controlled setting of my band practice studio, but you never know what will happen when you "go live." Now we can know, and also assess audience responses to the repertoire we pull out. It is from 8 to 10 pm and thus not too late. It's the perfect way to cap off the weekend before going back to work on Monday. Energizing.

We also ran "Next to You," by the POLICE and "Becca," another original (mine) at band practice last Tuesday. We did not play the latter two songs at the open jam, sticking to the convention of playing three songs when you are the guest of the house band. However, the band that played after us did a good eight or so songs, totally violating open jam etiquette, and illustrating some of the minor kinks still needing resolution at the thing. I think they are going to adopt a 3 song policy per guest band going forward. This is a good policy for guest musicians who are playing with the house band too, like I did last Sunday. You don't want to bogart the stage when there are other people waiting to play. It's presumptuous. That said, the band after us was pretty good, albeit sans drummer.

A couple of teenage girls did some folksy two part harmony jams too, with backing band help on at least one of them. I hope this thing carries forward.

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