Two Down and 12 to Go (FAWM 2014)

I wrote two songs this weekend as part of February Album Writing Month (FAWM).

The first one is called "Second Place (is the First Loser)." It took far too long to write, and I really struggled over it for some reason, probably because I haven't really done much song writing since February of 2013. I seem to do all my songwriting during FAWM and very little other times of the year. This song is fictional, but loosely based on truth, as all things are.

The second song was inspired by the untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffmann, and it is called, "Hey Philip." This one came to me a lot faster, but it is also shorter. I didn't want to write a somber song about Hoffmann's tragic drug related death. So this has an uptempo fun vibe, even though there are minor chords to convey melancholy. I think the lyrics are clever.

I pretty much squandered the weekend writing FAWM songs, although I guess it is not really squandering, since it was productive. I just mean it didn't leave me much time for other things, except for sleep and food. I did make a pot of chili on Saturday. I also managed to squeeze in a 90 minute session on my bike trainer, exercise that was much needed. I just finished the workout actually, and I am going to bed as soon as I hack out this blog post.

On Friday night, before FAWM started (at midnight...they are very strict about opening it up only in February), my friend Sherry came to visit. She was in Madison for a job interview and so we went out for pizza and then watched some Netflix. I was in bed well before midnight. In past years I have stayed up until midnight, so I could start FAWM immediately in the first few minutes of February. But I have toned that down in subsequent years, because I don't think it has ever given me an upper hand on song quality or quantity.

Saturday morning, Sherry and I went to the Cambridge Bakery to eat. Then she left and I started writing FAWM songs, which I did pretty furiously up until a couple hours ago, interspersed with power naps and some food.

That's about all I got time for right now. Talk to you later.

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