Can It Be Wednesday Already?

I am chilling out in Manitou Springs CO with the family. It's a pretty mellow time. I have been interspersing new job and house hunting paperwork with bouts of Breaking Bad binging. I finally finished up the last season on Netflix and it was just as horrifying as everyone said it was, without spoiling it. But, I mean, how could it not be horrifying? Did anyone really think that the show could have a happy ending?

I head back to Wisconsin on Friday, and I will have an action packed weekend recording songs with the country band. On Sunday night, I will once again be performing at and live streaming the open jam stage at Funk's Pub in Fitchburg.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Colorado and even though I don't know what we are going to be doing, I would wager it will be mellow and fun. There is still a good portion of today left too, and that will mostly involve doing some reading, eating a healthy dinner with the family, and probably some card or board games. That probably sounds unexciting, but I need to relax my brain in anticipation of the upcoming action in my life, which involves a new contract job, some music gigs, and working on my book writing.

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