City Rock

This morning, I took my niece and nephew to a rock climbing wall facility in Colorado Springs CO, called City Rock.

It's a big place. I have never been to a climbing wall place before, so it was cool to see. Most of the walls have tension pullies with ropes that lock into a harness. Then if you fall, the pullies let you down easy. The more advanced climbers can do it with a spotter, who acts as a counterweight. However, I saw one guy lift his counterweight off the ground when he "fell." His spotter was a considerably smaller and lighter woman, and she even had an extra "anchor" attached to her.

My niece and nephew seem to have an unlimited enthusiasm for the rock climbing and associated activities. That is probably why my sister likes taking them here. It keeps them occupied for hours and tires them out at the same time. They stay physically fit too. Colorado is notorious for its collective leanness of the physical form.

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