Free Agency

I am at the Denver Airport awaiting a flight to Colorado Springs to hang out with my sis and entire immediate family. It is a much needed week off after what seemed like a grueling winter. It is still cold, but mentally I feel like spring can't be far off and a weight has been lifted from my shoulders because I recently made a major life decision to return to free agency and be self employed at pursuing my art. To do this means garnering some underwriting via contract work periodically. My next gig has been lined up and begins April 9. Danged if I am not going to rock the crap out of my book writing and music endeavors these next 2 weeks. I do have to confer with the client for a couple of meetings about the project next week, but that will only be a few hours on a couple of days. I hope to get some bike rides in too, between marathon bouts of book writing. Whilst I am in Colorado, I will also be doing the paperwork for the contract gig. I love being my own boss as well as a service provider to my clients, utilizing my skills and creativity. See ya.

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