Magnesium Supplements and Health

My calves hurt. One of my favorite bands in Madison WI is SUNSPOT, and whenever I go to their energetic rock-n-roll shows, I flail in an aerobic manner. It's not dancing per se. It's flailing. Typically, this involves a lot of jumping up and down and semi-random arm movements loosely synchronized to the rhythm of the music. It's a great workout. However, when I have not flailed at a SUNSPOT show in a while, my calf muscles are not conditioned for it.

On Friday night, I went to a SUNSPOT show at the Branch Street Retreat in Middleton WI, a near west suburb of Madison. SUNSPOT put on a great show, celebrating the release of an EP of new songs which they were giving away for free to anyone who attended. I stayed for the entire show and flailed quite a lot. The sound quality was excellent as well, just as a side note. I always love a well mixed band. I wore my HEAROS high-fidelity earplugs, great for live music because they have filters in them that do not cut any important musical frequencies. The overall volume level is decreased, but you can still hear the nuances.

On Saturday, after the show, my calves didn't hurt at all. I was surprised by that. When my band, GUPPY EFFECT, played at the Funks Open Jam last week, I did some jumping up and down while my band was on stage for a brief 25 minutes or so. My hamstrings were immediately sore the next day, although normally my hammies don't get sore from that kind of jumping. It is usually always my calves. But at SUNSPOT, I was jumping on and off for a good two hours. I totally thought my calves would be suffering the next day.

They weren't. I am wondering if this is because of the magnesium chloride supplement I had been taking the couple of days prior to the SUNSPOT show. Magnesium chloride is supposed to be great for muscular issues. My mom swears by it (Hi Mom!) and she ordered me a couple of bottles of it, which arrived mid-week (Thanks Mom!). I mixed it with juice to mask the somewhat tart flavor of the magnesium "salt."

I have no way of knowing if the magnesium chloride really helped. However, on Saturday, I did not take any magnesium chloride supplement, basically because I was out of juice. When I woke up this morning (Sunday), my calves were really sore. Coincidence?

I know that muscle soreness can sometimes have a delayed reaction after exercise. This happens to me when I go running after a lengthy hiatus from running. The first run feels great and the next day I have no ill effects, but by the day after that, the muscles are sore.

The delay in calf soreness after the SUNSPOT show might not have had anything to do with the magnesium chloride. There are too many variables and the evidence is circumstantial. In any case, I am going to take some magnesium chloride today. I will see if the calf soreness is alleviated by this evening. GUPPY EFFECT is showcasing at the Funks Open Jam again tonight, and I don't want to be limited in my physical stage antics capabilities.

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