Open Jam

The Sunday open jam at Funk's Pub in Fitchburg has been growing and expanding. More and more musicians are attending and bringing friends and fans. They have had to extend the hours and it now goes from 8 PM to midnight. I have updated the ustream live web streaming event with the new hours and my duties have now expanded. I don't really have any more work to do, because once the equipment is set up for the stream, I only have to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't biff, but now I do have to stay later into the night. Ustream does most of the actual work though, once I set it up and start broadcasting/recording. I use a good microphone and even though it is a mono recording, the fidelity is good and it picks up the room sound very well. The video feed is not the greatest. It is filmed using the built in laptop camera, so the image is not crisp or HD, but it is good enough to get the general idea.

GUPPY EFFECT rocked a mad set last night. We really kicked it up a notch. We played The Seeker, No Denying (orig), and Take On Me (Reel Big Fish's version of the 80s Aha song). By request, we also tacked on Black Betty and exploded some sphincters. Messy but worth it.

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