Why did the vampire take Nyquil during the day? To keep from coffin. OK, not the strongest riddle.

I decided to take advantage of my last couple days of health insurance coverage with Unity to swing through the Urgent Care at UW Health because I seem to have developed a lingering secondary bronchitis after last week's fairly minor cold. I hope the UC doc will spot me some antibiotic, even though they tend to not do that anymore because of antibiotic resistant bugs. I am no doctor, but it seems to me that most secondary infections are bacterial and get you when your immune system is suppressed from a prior cold.

Apparently a plague is raging across the land because the UC waiting room is quite full and I might be waiting a while. Thank goodness I am a writer and can punch out blog posts while I wait.

This UC visit may throw off my scheduled agenda for today, but as long as I am in Waukesha WI by 2 PM, to pick up my dog Foster from my friend Sherry, who was pet sitting for me, I should be OK. The contract job paperwork can wait. It is not technically due until Monday morning, though I wanted to pound it out to be done with it.

It is a little after 11 AM right now. If I am out of here by 12, I should have time to pick up a prescription on my way home and still make it to Waukesha by 2. I can always pick up the prescription later if I have to. Curse this bronchitis!

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