Underground in Oshkosh

Tonight the greatest thing happened. That's really all I have to say about it.

But I will elaborate somewhat. I met a troupe of beautiful people who do beautiful things and still have their souls. They run a little hippy trippy music and arts venue called UNDERGROUND in Oshkosh WI.

Sometimes you need to be a kid again. Grownups oft forget this. Tonight we danced to crappy pop and hip hop and it was superb. We themed our dance moves on occupations. Astronauts. Secretaries. Dentists. Even hit men. Then we transitioned to bird related dances.

It was a place to unleash the inner child.

The only side effect of tonight's shenanigans seems to be that I cannot get the sound of autotuned vocals out of my head. Someday the youngsters will disenfranchise that particular violation of authentic art. Did Picasso use autotune? Hell no.

Oh Oh Ay Oh!

Prior to the all night underground head space rave, we saw a great band at the Oshkosh Masonic Center. It's an esoteric venue, but they actually host great rock-n-roll bands and I am going to get GUPPY EFFECT in there, and also at the Underground, if they will have us.

I would like to get my country band, DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS, into the Underground as well. The organizer at Underground shared my dislike of mainstream pop country (which was ironic given the bland mainstream pop dance music that was playing as we spoke) and I had to reassure him several times that DWTD was old school good authentic country. I think when he hears us, he will appreciate it immensely. But the likelihood of him ever hearing us live is slim for a lot of dumb reasons, mostly having to do with transportation and money.

Being a kid again...

But GUPPY EFFECT could for sure play in Oshkosh and would probably do it for free food, beer, and gas money.

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