A Fun Day of Writing and Research

Biff got up around 9:15 AM. He had planned to get up at 8 AM, but he was fighting a bit of a cold and reset the clock radio to get a much needed extra hour of sleep. He thought he was on the mend from the chest congestion that had been annoying him the past two weeks, ever since his trip to Colorado, but the previous night, he felt like he was relapsing a bit and had a slight sore throat coming on.

Before bed the previous night, he had taken ibuprofen and an antihistamine, along with an herbal sleep aid, and so he had slept fairly well. But a dry cough woke him up in the middle of the night. Once he hacked that out, he was able to drift off again.

When he got up, he drank a big glass of water and after he let the dogs out and fed them, he ate breakfast - a large bowl of cereal with strawberries and almond milk. He heated up and drank a cup of leftover coffee as he pondered his ambitions for the rest of the day.

Since his recent somewhat negative experience with Obamacare, Biff had made a pact with himself to work out every day to maximize his wellness and minimize his interactions with the dysfunctional American healthcare system. It was also an exercise in zen discipline for his own mental and physical benefit. Exercise was a constitutional that improved his mental positivity and energy state and strengthened his cardiovascular system. The challenge of working out every day for 40 minutes or more also forced him to be disciplined about carving out the time to do it.

Biff found that exercising in the morning was best. It allowed him to better adhere to the fitness challenge he had set for himself. In his experience, once the day got away from him, he found it harder and harder to carve out time to do exercise. Things got in the way. He had to be places and work on other things.

In the morning, he usually had the time to do it and fewer distractions that drew him away from it. He also had more motivation and will power. After a long day, his drive to get on the bike trainer was often considerably reduced, notwithstanding the compulsion to watch shows on Netflix on his laptop while he pedaled.

A part of his current fitness challenge included only allowing himself to watch shows on Netflix during a workout on the trainer. This was a time saver and a motivator too. He didn't waste time watching Netflix when he should have been doing more important things, and he was motivated to work out regularly so he could stay on top of his favorite shows, like Mad Men, Dexter, American Horror Story, or whatever streamable programs he enjoyed. When he was feeling particularly motivated for a long workout, he would sometimes even watch a movie and go for 90 minutes or more.

Today, Biff got on the trainer at about 10:45 AM and spun for about 40 minutes or so, watching a Season 2 episode of American Horror Story. That's the one that centers on aliens and an insane asylum. He thought the plot line in Season 2 was superior to Season 1, which focused on ghosts in a haunted house.

After showering and dressing, Biff left the house to start his "work day" at noon, driving to the coffee shoppe he liked, about 15 minutes away in a nearby town, to work on his book. He spent a solid two hours writing on the topic of zen discipline and meditation before he had to leave for a doctor's appointment.

Biff has been conducting a case study on Obamacare, with himself as the subject, and this would be his first interaction with a new doctor under a new HMO insurance policy he had enrolled in via the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Getting the insurance had been time consuming and costly, and contrary to what President Obama had said about keeping your doctor, Biff had not been able to, unless he wanted to fork over an arm and a leg first. It was far too expensive to keep his old insurance and doctor, so he had enrolled in the cheapest HMO he could find that met ACA minimum standards and it did not cover his former primary care doctor. He hoped that at least the medical care he would get would be satisfactory. That was today's research.

He wanted the new doctor to address his lingering cold and discuss his overall health and wellness plan going forward. He also wanted to see how easily he could transfer his medical records from his old doctor to the new doctor. Tomorrow, he will write up his findings.

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