Today was a remarkably productive day, even if too much of it was spent sorting out my new health insurance. Obamacare is not all it is cracked up to be.

Last night, my band GUPPY EFFECT once again attended and performed at the Funk's Pub open stage. It is a great way to recruit new fans, which word on the street has it are starting to refer to themselves as GUPPYHEADS. Anyway, it rocked. You can check out clips from past jams.

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Needless to say, it was a fairly late night. The pub decided to feed us all at the end of the night, which was awesome. They have great food there.

I slept in a bit this morning. Rocking takes a lot out of me. When I got up, I worked out right away, doing about 45 minutes on the bike trainer, before the day got away from me, as I was pretty sure it would. Thanks Obamacare.

I kicked off my workday about noon, doing the Obamacare hoop jumping with my insurance company and the associated clinic for at least two hours. I think it is squared away now. You wouldn't think a typo on my birth date in their system could completely incapacitate a professional insurance organization, but that's what happened. I also got my MyChart information centralized on MyChart central (appropos name...), with the information from my current provider and my last one now all in one place.

Then it was off to the post office briefly to mail my dead smart phone back to the wireless company. Last week it completely died. I couldn't even factory reset it. So they sent me a brand new one within 24 hours (thanks to Jon Knudson for letting me borrow his iPhone so I could call the wireless technical support people) and I shipped the dead one back today, all postage pre-paid. I am glad I have a gmail based Android phone, because most of my contacts and calendar entries are stored IN THE CLOUD and automatically replenished on my new phone.

Then I practiced piano for 30 minutes before heading to Madison for my lesson. The lesson went pretty well. I haven't had one since January, when I stopped going because of severe anxiety and stress caused by my job at the time (now remedied).

On the way home, I swung into the Piggly Wiggly and scored the fixings for an excellent tofu and spinach salad, which I prepared when I got back to my house, along with some veggie burgers.

I got a lot of "two minutes or less" items done today as well. If you have something that you know will take two minutes or less to do, just do it. It really cleans up a lot of the distracting mind clutter so you can focus on the bigger things.

I just finished a marathon session of bass guitar and vocal practice for tomorrow night's band practice with GUPPY EFFECT. We have some deceptively difficult tunes this week. They are mostly straight ahead four chord punk rockers, but they have some rhythmic and lyrical nuances that are tricky. I will probably have to refresh them again tomorrow too.

Tomorrow will be action packed as well. I'll work out first thing again. This is my new fitness challenge, to get some aerobic exercise every day, and I find if I do it first thing in the morning, I am more likely to actually achieve it.

I'm starting on some work for the new contract job and will probably do some writing on my book too. I plan to do this at the coffee shoppe, where I find the background noise helps me focus for some reason. The zen discipline of going to the coffee shoppe helps to avoid distractions around the house and forces me to focus on the tasks at hand.

In the afternoon tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment to meet my new doctor for the first time and have a general checkup. I am pretty much over my cold, so I think I won't be needing any medicine. It's mainly part of my Obamacare case study. I signed up to see what it was like, and how hard it was to get and stuff. I have a lot to report, but getting some actual health care (not just the insurance) is part of the equation. I want to make sure my insurance covers what it is supposed to cover and my doctor is accessible and competent.

Most people in America seem pretty ill-informed about the American health care system and the (un)Affordable Care Act. I was lucky enough to get a Masters in public health from the UW Madison, on THE MAN's dime, in 2004. A lot of people seem to confuse the cost of health care with the cost of health insurance, and although they are correlated, they are not the same. The more people who get insured, the lower the cost of healthcare for everyone, but that doesn't mean the cost of insurance will go down. The private insurance companies will never lower their prices, even if they are paying out less to providers. They will just report larger profits. That's why the case can be made for a government single payer option that is tied to actual health care costs. Anyway, I am way off topic.

On Wednesday, I'll do some more work for the client and myself (book), and I plan to bike up to Lake Mills to meet my friends Sherry and Jerome for lunch. That will constitute my workout for Wednesday and achieve my fitness goal for that day. However, I may still work out in the morning too, just to make sure. Lunch plans sometimes fall through.

Well, it's past my bedtime.


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