Bathroom Whistlers

Sometimes when I am in the men's bathroom at work, someone will be whistling a random tune in there. It just happened a little bit ago. Why do some men feel compelled to whistle in the bathroom? I don't really care. I have a staunch no whistling policy myself, but I don't mind if other people whistle. I just find it amusing and wonder why some are compelled to do it. Is it a nervous tick?

Do women whistle tunes in the women's bathroom? I would love to know if it is just a male thing. Are women aware of this bizarre phenomenon that takes place in the men's bathroom?

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Anonymous said...

Women do NOT whistle in the bathroom...or anywhere else for that matter. I did not know this was a male habit, but frankly I'm not surprised, since men are forced to expose their private parts in bathrooms. This could lead to feelings of insecurity. Hence, whistling is used as distraction. Nothing to see here... lol ;)