It's Saturday morning and I am about to take my car in for a brake job. At least, I think it needs a brake job. The sound it is making when I hit the brakes is atrocious. Sounds like metal on metal. Conversely, it has made that sound before on rainy days, and this past week has been quite rainy, but when I have taken it in previously, my mechanic says I do not need a brake job. Maybe that will be the case this time. It could just be that when it is rainy, the brake disks get covered in dirty water, full of road grit, and when the brake pads grab them, the grit is ground out. That is very much the sound of it. However, this time it is a little bit different. There is also a squeal now, and when I come to a complete stop, the brakes seem to suddenly grab hold and the car comes to a jerky stop. Maybe all that grit has finally worn the pads down to metal. I have an old 2001 Prius, that still runs great, and the way the brakes work on a Prius is by running the electric motor in reverse, recharging the electric battery as the car slows. The brake pads engage only to bring the car to a complete stop. This could explain why I have not had to do the brakes on my Prius in over 165,000 miles of driving, since I bought it from my mom in 2009. That and the fact that I do a lot of highway driving that involves less brake usage.

This past week was fun. I did quite a bit of music. There was GUPPY EFFECT practice on Tuesday night and BABY ROCKET practice on Thursday night. Both these bands will be at the Funk's Open Jam tomorrow (Sunday) night, as well as HIATVS, my old theatrical power trio. Guitarist AquaMunkee (stage name) is theoretically going to be in town for the weekend, so we are going to hash out a few numbers to play at the jam.

More to come, but right now I have to get my car over to my mechanic.

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