Buddy's Butt Pebbles

Last Thursday, my 16 year old dog, Buddy, had surgery to remove a growth on his eyelid (and also my arm and leg, in vet bills). When he was under anesthesia, the vet found another growth on Buddy's anal gland and called me to advise removing it at the same time, because these anal gland tumors are often cancerous. It had apparently appeared and grown fast, because I had not noticed it before. I agreed that it made sense to hack it out at the same time, saving me another trip to the vet and more vet bills. The vet said that the nature of the ass cancer surgery was such that Buddy might have an agitated anus for a few days, resulting in some "accidents" around the house.

The first 48 hours after I got him back home were fine. However, this morning I discovered a few small dark "butt pebbles" around the house - small bits of dark doggie poop. Nothing major. I am not sure if these are just going to keep "dribbling" out, or if it was a one time kind of thing. I will have to keep an eye on him. At least these butt pebbles were small and contained and manageable, far better in my opinion than uncontrolled projectile doggie diarrhea, which is a bear to clean up. I don't need atrocious fecal messes in my house right now, because I am trying to sell it. I have some potential buyers lined up already, but if that deal falls through, I will have to start showing it again.

Buddy is doing pretty well for an old dog. I think he has gone deaf, because he seems to completely ignore me when I talk to him. He always kind of ignored me before, but then he used to just turn and walk away. Now he doesn't even respond to my commands. I'll sometimes put him in an upstairs bedroom when I don't want him underfoot. Then when I go up to let him out again, I find him barking at the wall and even when I call him to indicate he is free to leave the room, he does not hear me. Sometimes at the dog park, he will wander off and lose sight of me, then can't find me again, even when I am within sight and earshot. I can sometimes wave my arms and if he manages to see me do that, he will sometimes run toward me. I think he has started to learn to run toward whoever is waving their arms, even though he clearly can't hear my calls. At home, Buddy just chills out. He has a plastic cone on his head now to prevent him from getting at the stitches on his butt. That @#$%ing cone bangs into everything when Buddy is moving about the house, opening up cupboard doors, knocking books off the shelf, and making a heinous racket. The cone is getting dinged and dented. I have already had to tape it back together a couple times. I'd like to leave the cone off Buddy for a couple hours, but he is notorious for pulling out stitches when no one is watching. He had a growth removed from his front leg a couple years ago and I made the mistake of leaving the cone off. It was only for like 15 minutes, but he managed to totally tear open the wound. It was nasty and I had to take him back to the vet for more stitches. I won't make that mistake again. I can't afford another trip to the vet.

This afternoon will be crazy doggie fun house. My buddy Brian is coming to town, with his dog Chuck. Mayhem will no doubt ensue. We are going to take all the dogs to the dog park to get acquainted. Then perhaps things will settle down.

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Anonymous said...

God bless you for taking care of Buddy! He is one lucky dog! xoxo