Downsizing and Decluttering

Chet here. As of this writing, the mechanisms are well oiled and gearing smoothly toward a transition for my brother, Biff, to move to Madison WI. His old house is sold and his new house is bought. The banking and real estate charlatans are gleefully looking forward to taking a fat slice of his proverbial pie, which offsets Biff's own mild anxiety about the future. In fact, Biff is pretty excited for the change. And so am I. His new house has a large finished basement, considerably more spacious than his current one, and a perfect amphitheater for live house concert performances, hosted by my band, of course.

I am encouraging Biff to eliminate a large amount of the clutter he has accumulated over the past 8 years at his current residence. So much ex-band and ex-girlfriend detritus. Although, I have to say, the dark wood computer desk and bookshelf abandoned at his house by a prior girlfriend is pretty slick. Cumbersome, and heavy as a bitch, but elegant and classy looking. It's in his garage right now, a probable donation to the thrift store, which is scheduled to come and pick it up on the morning of June 7. I may try to convince him to hang onto that, even though it's an albatross. It could be functional. Tonight, when I got home from a gig with one of my bands, I was checking it out. It has a slide-out keyboard and mouse drawer that for all the years Biff has had the thing would only come out about half way, and then lock up, so you'd have to type on the keyboard with your hands kind of tucked under the desktop. Awkward. On a whimsy, I applied some brute force to the sliders on either side of the drawer and was able to get the drawer to come all the way out for the first time in years, and stay out...apparently fixed. I stoved a finger in the process, but not too badly. Now that the drawer works on the computer desk, I am a bit more attracted to it. Thus, my idea to convince Biff to retain it.

On the other hand, let the bids begin:

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