Glory Days

The glory days of summer are coming. I am looking forward to the challenges and thrills. The first of these that comes to mind is doing RAGBRAI the last full week in July with my bike team, TEAM CRAZY BIRD, from Portland, OR. I do RAGBRAI about every other year and it provides a goal to strive for as far as biking and staying in good physical shape.

Last Sunday, my music buddy Brian was in town for a HIATVS band rehearsal and short performance in anticipation of the June 7 "garden party" we are playing in Mt. Horeb, WI. On Sunday morning, we went on an organized bike ride from Dousman to Waukesha, WI, along with my friend Sherry. It was super fun and we had the bike boom box with us to listen to music whilst we rode. It was about 25 miles. Next Saturday morning, Sherry and I are going to do another social ride in Lagrange, WI near Whitewater.

I think Bike to Work Week is happening soon. I need to get organized for that. My current job has primo locker room and shower facilities.

Another big challenge is getting my house sold and migrating closer to Madison. I need to get a decent price and also find some new digs. I am trying to downsize. I would rather own than rent but I might rent for a while so I don't have to rush to find a new house to buy. Then I can shop at a leisurely pace. Having two dogs makes finding rentals a bit difficult. I need to rent a house and many landlords only allow one dog or limit the size to under 20 pounds. Foster would probably be OK at 22 pounds (what are they going to do...weigh him?). But 55 pound Buddy would be a tough sell even though he is old, house trained, and very mellow.

But I have other options. Better options in fact, thanks to good friends with dog friendly real estate to lend out. I always say it is best to rent to and from friends that you know and trust.

I also hope to spend more time with family this summer, especially my parents. They will be going up north to the Shell Lake cottage in early July and I may have a month or two of respite from THE MAN around that time. I have not been able to spend more than a long weekend up at the cottage since before I can remember...maybe college, when I had some summers off from school. In 2009 and 2010, I was self employed doing a lot of music stuff, but even then I had lots of gigs and demands on my time that foreshortened my visits to the cottage.

If I have a decent block of time with the folks, maybe I can restart gathering more research for their biographical memoirs. Those firsthand historical tales intrigue me. In retrospective 20/20 hindsight, I probably should have had a career as a biographer and travel writer. There's still time. Baby steps. First I need to finish my short motivational ebook about corporate America, another of this summer's fun challenges. Being my own boss is hard sometimes, because I am not a harsh whipmaster. But I can be very focused, motivated, and productive when I put my mind to it, especially if I manage time and don't procrastinate or overbook myself.

I also have a bunch of gigs this summer, though not all with the same band. I am more musically diversified than ever and have gigs with several current and past bands, including:

BABY ROCKET (May 21 and 23)
DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS (June 21 and 22...more to come)
GUPPY EFFECT (every Sunday night and Bubble Music Fest in September)
HIATVS (June 7)
SINEMA (May 31)

So let's get this summer party started!

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