A Homeless Half Day

I am homeless as I write this. But only for about the next 4 hours or so. I just sold my house of eight years in Cambridge WI this morning to some nice people. I hope they like it as much as I did. It is a solid house. I received a phat check from my buyers, most of which will go toward the down payment on my new house in Madison WI later this afternoon.

It is not technically a full half day of homelessness. It is only about six or seven hours of homelessness, but a homeless half day flows off the tongue a little better that a homeless quarter of a day. It's also not a very stressful state of homelessness. Most of my belongings are already in the garage at my new house, because the seller of that house was kind enough to let me move my stuff in there over the weekend, in advance of closing.

If he had not done so, I would have had to move twice, putting my stuff into storage until after the closing and then moving it from storage to my new house.

My awesome group of friends volunteered to help me load and unload a gigantic Uhaul truck on Saturday. It was a fun time, like when Tom Sawyer convinced his friends that whitewashing his aunt's picket fence would be more fun than going down to the swimming hole. Indeed, it turned out to be. After we loaded the truck in Cambridge, I took them all out for lunch on me. After we unloaded the truck at my new house in Madison, I took them out for a few drinks (after I returned the Uhaul, of course). I only had a suitcase and few essential items to load into my car this morning before I went to the closing on the sale of my Cambridge house. Even those few things still filled my car to the brim. In a few minutes here, I am going to pay a visit to the garage of the new house and unload a lot of it, before I go to the afternoon closing on the buying of the new house. I am excited to start moving in and especially getting the music gear set up.

On Saturday, when we were unloading the truck at the new place, I met the next door neighbors and they seem very nice. Sara and Jason are their names. They have at least one child and apparently a niece who is living with them transiently. I told them I play in a band, but not to worry about noise. I don't like to rock out too loud at band practice. Lower volume is better for nuances and hearing the music, so you can improve it. Anyway, that's a topic for another post.

Buddy and Foster are in the kennel today. I did not want to have to deal with them while I was homeless, because it is rather muggy out and they would have to be in the car. It is actually Foster's first time at the kennel. He is a very sensitive dog and I do not like to put him in the kennel if it can be avoided. However, this is only for one day and he is in a kennel run right next to Buddy. The kennel lady, Debbie, even said she would put them in the same run together, if it looked like Foster was having anxiety. I am going to try to pick them up tonight, if I can get back to the kennel before 6 PM. That is the latest they will allow pickup on a weeknight, although they might allow special arrangements in some situations, like the one I am in. But I am pretty sure I can get there by 6 if the afternoon closing goes smoothly and I am out of there by 5 PM.

Moving is a good thing because it helped me to reduce my material belongings and think about simplifying my life. Even though I will not be paying much less in monthly mortgage payments than I was at the house I just sold, I will have much lower travel expenses and a higher quality of life. First, I can bike commute to work. A lot. I bike commuted before the move, but I had to drive part way, from Cambridge to the east side of Madison, before I could jump on my bike and pedal across town. I was still putting 40 to 50 miles on my car every day that I bike commuted, not to mention the 60+ miles of daily commute when I did not bike, and now I won't have to do that unless the weather is super bad. I can even take a bus that picks up not too horribly far from my new house. That won't really save me any money over driving, because bus fare is ridiculously high in Madison, but it will reduce stress because I can read and write on the bus while someone else does the work of getting me to my destination. I am amazed that more people do not take the bus. It's like having a chauffeur. But that also is a topic for another post (and you can be sure it will be).

Well, it's 12:30 PM. I suppose I will cruise on over the the garage at the new place and ditch this load of stuff in my car. Tonight I will begin the task of unpacking. The cable Internet gets set up on Wednesday morning. I need to figure out when garbage gets picked up, and also change my address with as many people and organizations as I can think to change it with, mostly online I would guess.

Tomorrow night I have band practice, but even though I have a sweet new jam space in my new house, we will be having practice over at the drummer Jon's house, mainly because he currently has my drum kit and a bunch of my music gear. I will take some of said gear home to my new house after that practice. Then I should be well on my way to getting the jam space set up in my new house. The country band is practicing on Wednesday night, also at drummer Jon's, but due to the urgency of unpacking my stuff and also the fact that they are training a sub bass player for a gig I cannot play in late July (because I will be on RAGBRAI), I probably will only pop in for a brief time and get them set up with the small PA rig they will be using transiently.

Thursday night is like Friday night this week, because the July 4 holiday is on Friday. So I will do some mad unpacking late into the night on Thursday, and on Friday I am going camping in Rome WI with a group of friends. It is a dog friendly camp ground, so I will see if I can manage to bring Buddy and Foster. Weather and especially heat are a consideration. They will need to be crated.

Then my folks are coming out on Saturday or Sunday and they will stay a night or two at my new place and check it out, before they go up to the cabin, which I hope to do the following weekend, July 12-13. RAGBRAI (the bike ride across Iowa for a week) is kind of my main focus for the month. I have a friend who offered to mow my lawn while I am gone and a couple others who said they will stop by the house and make sure everything is secure and good. Nice friends I have.

OK, off to make shite happen. Ciao!

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