Bike Commuting is Awesome

I love bike commuting. This love is amplified 50 fold when there is massive construction on Madison WI roadways that makes car travel impossible. This is the current situation in and around Madison WI these days, so I am really loving my bike.

Although I do not understand why more people do not bike commute, I try my best to respect it. They must have their reasons to suffer in torment at the hands of other wayliad drivers stuck in construction-induced traffic. Very important reasons, no doubt. For that is a high mental and physical price to pay.

On the other hand, maybe it is good that only a handful of people bike commute. If the bike lanes and trails around Madison became as congested with bikes as the roads are with cars, it would null and void some (but not all) of the benefits of bike commuting. A great thing about bike commuting is the lightly populated bike thoroughfares that allow one to breeze through at a respectable clip.

When I bike commute, I satisfy two requirements in my life simultaneously. The first is commuting to work, where I earn my keep. The second is getting ample exercise for my health and well being. If I can get all my required exercise while commuting - something I have to do anyway - all the better. That means I do not have to try to carve out additional time during my busy week for exercise. It's like double dipping on life.

I wish I had bike commuted today. The weather is perfect - sunny with temperatures in the mid-70s. I only drove today because I wanted to get a good night's sleep last night after a tiring weekend of packing for my move at the end of June. On the other hand, the stress relief of an hour long morning bike ride to work would also have been a great benefit to my mental health. So I kind of regret sleeping later instead.

Conversely, as it turns out, the weather forecast indicates this whole week will be pretty gosh darn awesome weather for biking, even into the weekend. Upper 70s and mostly sunny.

So it looks like big time bike commuting the rest of the week for me.

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