I suppose it is time for a daily installment. Thanks for continuing to be loyal readers. I have no idea how many people that actually is, though I could check the analytics if I had a mind to. But honestly, I don’t really care, because even if just one person gets some value from my posts, I am happy. To be perfectly honest with you, I am pretty happy regardless, even if no one is reading this post. If a blog post appears on the Internet, and there is no one there to read it, does it have any impact? Clearly not.

Why am I so happy? No idea. I just am. I should probably be filled with anxiety and paralyzed by fear, because this weekend I am moving to Madison WI and a lot of shite has to come together for that to happen smoothly, but my stress levels are pretty low-moderate. In part, this is because I did my due diligence preparing for the move. I gave away a bunch of belongings to friends and Goodwill and complete strangers (in the instances where I simply put an item of furniture on the curb outside my current house and it magically disappeared within 24 hours, including a BBQ grill and a dog crate). I secured a pantload of boxes that my buddy Brian had left over after his move last year, and filled said boxes with my remaining stuff. A few good friends let me store some stuff transitionally at their homes, including Danielle and Jon in Madison, and Todd in Oshkosh. A lot of that was music gear that is cumbersome and not easily packed, saving me the hassle of having to load it onto the Uhaul this Saturday.

I recruited six to eight friends to volunteer to help me with the move on Saturday. I’ll treat them to lunch and more than likely dinner for their kind help.

I am trusting that Uhaul will come through for me on a 26 foot truck, as promised. They have never let me down before, but this move is a bit more critical than moves past. It’s easy to worry irrationally that something will go wrong and I will be sans truck on Saturday. But then I realize that is an unnecessary worry. No news is good news, and as far as I know I am getting a truck. Even if the truck were to fall through, I bet my volunteers and I could muster the transportational firepower to get the job done. Both Wendy Staats and Ken Anderson (not coincidentally both drummers) have access to large trailers for gear hauling. Wendy’s is used for hauling her band SUNSPOT’s gear all over the place when they tour, and they even stored it in my driveway for a few months over the winter due to Madison’s draconian parking hassles. Ken deals in drum kits and he is also a drum tech for bands, so I speculate his trailer is often put to the task of hauling drums all over God’s green earth. In a pinch, I bet one or both of these trailers could be called into service. Rockstars never quit or back down.

I think mostly I am happy and low-stress because I was able to bike commute to work both today and yesterday. Exercise makes me feel like a million bucks, because of the natural endorphin release (aka “runner’s high”) and it also acts as a constitutional or “adaptogen” for being more stress resistant. I have a theory about stress called the STRESS CUP THEORY. Your ability to handle stress is like a cup. If you fill it too full of stress, it overflows = angst/anxiety. So there are three options to avoid the negative consequences of stressors.

1. Avoid stressors, thus filling the cup more slowly.
2. Get good sleep, thus emptying the cup more fully.
3. Get exercise, thus increasing the size of the cup and the amount of stress it can handle.

Maybe I am happy because my band is covering the feel good pop song "HAPPY" by Pharrell Williams. It's a contagiously happy song, much as that pains me.

I am also happy because I am moving to Madison. I will be nearer to good friends, cool things, and my musical projects and peers. It’s like a new beginning, and even though any metamorphosis is somewhat painful, it is only so transitionally. Then a butterfly hatches out and everyone gets all touchy feely and thinks it is groovy and posts the meme on Facebook for all to see.


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