Sunspots and Solar Flares

When I put on my SUNSPOT t-shirt this morning, getting dressed for work, it was not with conscious intent, although there may have been some kind of subconscious compulsion. But in very conscious retrospective 20/20 hindsight, it is very appropos that I did.

Earlier this week, the star closest to the Earth, and in whose gravitational field we reside, unleashed a fury of solar flares, all headed straight toward our little planet, of course. These coronal mass ejections as they are called, arrived at Earth today. Since these solar flares correlate with sunspot activity, my band t-shirt is fitting...pun intended.

It also happens to be a full moon and Friday the 13th. Those things are quite irrelevant and unrelated to my wardrobe and the activity of the sun. But they are interesting coincidences. As I walked to Roman Candle for my late lunch, I perceived a lot of poor driving behavior of the motorists traveling through Middleton WI. Full moons are supposed to correlate with more traffic accidents but I do not think it is a solid connection. Or if it is, then it may be more of a self fulfilling prophecy by superstitious automobile drivers. My perception of more roadway idiocy may even have been biased by an increased awareness of the urban myth. In any case, my crossing of a roadway was quite perilous at one point due to some very narrow minded driving skills.

My cell phone reception was also spotty today and that was probably most definitely attributable to sunspots.

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