The Big Move is Nigh

I should be losing my mind right now. I am not sure why I am not, but I like it.

This weekend, on Saturday, I am moving all of my current belongings to the garage of my new house in Madison WI, with the help of some good friends. I can’t technically move into the new house until after Monday afternoon’s closing, but the seller of my new house was cool enough to rent me back two days use of the garage to store my stuff until then. My realtor is going to hand off the garage door opener once my friends and I arrive at the house with a Uhaul truck full of stuff early Saturday afternoon. Then I can come and go freely from the garage. The only exception to this is that I am doing my pre-closing walk through inspection on Saturday afternoon as well. This will be an opportunity for my friends to get a glimpse of the inside of the new house and see the basement jam space that I plan to make full use of for house concerts.

I had reserved a 26’ Uhaul truck for this Saturday’s move about a month ago and crossed my fingers. At first, it looked like I wasn’t going to get one for the time frame I needed it on Saturday. I hastily rescheduled my friends for Sunday instead, and luckily most of them were flexible. However, I then got word that I could get the truck for when I needed it, and I hastily rescheduled my friends for the original time frame, and they came through for me again. The truck was one of the variables I was worried about and it looks like the cosmos came through for me in the end, but it was touch and go.

Saturday morning, my friend Sherry and I will carpool to Janesville WI, the nearest Uhaul dispensary with a 26’ truck, I guess. Once I have it, she will follow me back to Cambridge and when my other friends arrive, we will begin loading the beast, probably from about 11 AM to 1 PM, if we can be expedient. I then plan to take everyone to lunch before we convoy to the new house, I meet the realtor for the garage opener handoff, and we unload the truck. I also offered to take them all out for beer and pizza afterwards, optional.

Buddy will be in the kennel during the move, but Foster will be with me. Foster is small and manageable. What I have not figured out yet is what to do with Foster on Monday when the closings happen. I close on my house at 10 AM and then I don’t close on my new house until 4 PM. So I will be transiently homeless for a few hours. My friend Danielle offered to dog sit Foster on Monday and that will probably work. I will have to drop him off at her place before or after the open jam on Sunday night probably. Another option is that I can just take Foster with me and mill about, weather permitting. Maybe I will walk my new neighborhood and check it out.

The closings should go smoothly, because all the paperwork is lined up already, and if the moving goes smoothly on Saturday, I will actually get a brief respite from stress and worry Saturday night and Sunday. I might go to Rhythm and Booms on Saturday night, the annual fireworks display in anticipation of the July 4 holiday. On Sunday, Sherry and I plan to go on a RAGBRAI training ride, since we are doing the full week of it at the end of July. It is a week long bike ride across Iowa, if you are not familiar with it. Extremely fun. I fully plan to hit the Funk’s Pub open jam on Sunday night as well, though I won’t stay out too late. I need to be fresh for my closings on Monday.

My buyer agent realtor is a great guy, really sharp and motivated and customer focused. He is always there for me and flexible to my schedule. That is great customer service and I will highly recommend him to my friends who are buying houses in Madison going forward. That’s karmic payback for awesomeness.

So, the battle is about to begin to get me into my new house on Monday night. The troops are in place and the battle plans are written up. In a few minutes I am going to bike commute from work back to my car on the east side of Madison and then drive home. I might order a pizza in celebration. I might even go out to a show in Madison later tonight, if I am not too tired. But I do have to get up butt early in the morning, so I will probably take it easy, watch some Netflix, and chill.

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