When Namesakes Sully Reputations

Someone else in Wisconsin with the same name as me has been a rather irresponsible douchebag, failing to pay years of child support. I know this only because I am in the process of buying a new house and due to the State of Wisconsin's poor court records system and my namesake's poor decision making, the title of the house I am trying to sell had a lien put on it. This matter was expediently resolved by supplying the title company with my personal identifiers, DoB and SSN. However, I do not appreciate the sullying of my good name and the albeit minor jumping through hoops that resulted from it.

I have all but the bare essentials packed in boxes for my move at the end of June. Moving day is Saturday June 28. On Sunday June 29, my cleaning lady and I will join forces to clean my current house inside and out, and I will move any residual items to the new house. The closings all go down on Monday June 30. My only worries at this point are that the buyers of my current home, or their agents, will drop the ball on something important at the last minute and screw everything up. It is not a big worry, but I sense that none of these parties are focused on my best interests and the imperative that everything go to plan because I am closing on my new house with the proceeds from the closing on my current house.

Luckily, I have a secret weapon in place as a backup for incompetency. I cannot disclose this wild card, lest the forces of ineptitude try to undermine that as well. But suffice to say, this secret weapon essentially decouples the dependence of the second closing on the first.

This weekend, I will spend Friday night rehearsing songs for the back to back DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS shows on Saturday in Minocqua WI and Sunday in Elkhart Lake WI. Saturday morning, I will do a bit more packing and some bills (if my ISP fixes whatever is kiboshing my Internet service right now...I thought technology was supposed to get better with time), before taking Foster up to Oshkosh where my buddy Todd will dog sit for me during the country band minitour. Oshkosh is sort of on the way back from Elkhart Lake so it makes sense to begin the rocking road trip there. My drummer will meet me at Todd's on Saturday afternoon and we will carpool up to the Minocqua Brewing Company in his SUV, returning to Todd's on Sunday night so I can reclaim Foster and return home in my car. It will be a late night but not heinously so. I would have the option to stay over at Todd's Sunday night if I needed to but I would have to get up butt early for work on Monday.

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